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 There are 18 Marists in the Solomon Sector not including 2 retired bishops (Archbishop Adrian Smith and Bishop John Doaninoel). Of the 18, 13 are priests and 5 are brothers. Three priests and 1 brother are from Europe and they are retired and one from the USA is in semi retirement. The rest of the Marists are Oceanians.





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Sector Delegate: Fr Lutoviko Manu sm

PO Box 1929, Honiara

                                                                             Tel (677) 22745  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Ministries: Tanagai Parish, Retirement and Special Ministries

Posirou InPixio Siebo Leppen tpilo
Fr Steven Posirou sm Fr Siebo Leppen sm Fr Gerard Bruns sm
Julio1 Adrian Smith4 2  Cleo InPixio
Fr Julio Aihunu sm Archbishop Adrian Smith (retired) Fr Cleophas Waisu sm
  Fr Paul Waabu sm  





MINISTRIES:  St Martin's Rural Training Center & Chaplaincy, St Joseph College, Tenaru


Hiko  0516 Brothers Assembly R4W 2 Henry 
 Fr Lutoviko Manu sm Bro Andrew Wetara sm Bro Henry Aragalia sm




MINISTRIES: St John's Parish & St John's Secondary School, Dala

Valu Robert
Fr Valu Siua sm Fr Robert Taria sm
Puamae Marine2 2
Fr Peter Puamae sm Bro Berenado Petero sm




MINISTRIES: Parish, School & Rural Training Center

Pati2 Ignace2
Fr Patelisio Kiutau sm Fr Ignace Milie sm
Kanai2 Galavin
Bro Philip Kanai sm

Fr David Galvin sm

(Stuyvenberg Rural Training Center)





The Marist mission in the Solomon Islands had notably difficult beginnings.

Bishop Jean-Baptiste Epalle, SM was appointed Vicar Apostolic and Bishop for Melanesia in 1844. He arrived with a small band of missionaries at San Cristobal-Makira on December 2nd 1845.

Two weeks later, when he attempted to land on the island of Ysabel, he was immediately attacked by the islanders and died three day later.

The Marists returned in 1847 and attempted to establish their mission at Cristobal-Makira. Three of the priests were killed by the local people, while two others died of malaria.

The third and successful attempt to establish the Catholic mission in the Solomons began in 1898. This was under the direction of Bishop Vidal of Fiji.

Fr. Jean Bertreux was appointed superior of the mission, which included Fijian lay catechists. He was ordained bishop and appointed Vicar Apostolic of the Solomon Islands in 1912.

Over the following years, as further Marist missionaries continued to be appointed to the Solomons, more that 20 mission stations were established throughout the extensive archipelago.

Today, there are three dioceses in the Solomon Islands – Honiara, including particularly Guadalcanal and Makira, Auki on the island of Malaita and Gizo in the Western Province. Marists continue to work in the Archdiocese of Honiara and the Diocese of Auki.

The necrology of Oceania Marist Province shows that more than 70 Marist missionaries, now deceased, worked in the Region of the Solomon Islands.