July 2021

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RIP Br Mikaele Cilicewa sm

Br Mika C

Br. Mikaele Cilicewa passed away on Saturday, 24th of July 2021, at 6.30 am. The cause of death was a heart failure. 

Br Mikaele Cili was born on the 12th of November 1946 in Korovou, Bouma, Taveuni, FIJI Is. 

First profession:            01.01.1971

Died:                            24th July 2021


1973-1976        -           MTC. Tutu Young Farmers

1977-1981        -           Takwa Malaita Solomon Islands

1982-1983        -           College of Agriculture Searsolin Philipines.

1983-1987        -           MTC Adult Education

1988                -           Green Madow Renewal

1987 – 1994     -           St Martin Rural Tranning Center – Honiara, Solomon Islands

1995-1996        -           Renewal, NSW, Australia

1996 – 2003     -           Rotuma, Fiji.

2003 – 2013     -           Macksville Koori Ministry, Australia

2014 -              -           Maryvale/Montbel, Sydney, Australia

2015- 2021       -           Sector House Community, Fiji

May he rest in peace!




Council of the Province 2021

Council of the Province 2021

On the 10th of July Oceania began the first Session of a 6-session virtual COP meeting over a span of 2 months and a half. Each session occurs every fortnight until the 18th of September. Two sessions have been completed. The COP was called due to the indefinite delay of the Provincial Chapter and the growing sense of disconnections from each other. The meeting is with the fervent intention that despite the grim effects of the pandemic that Oceania would continue to be on task with the life and mission of the Province.



Royal Order Award 2 

Fr Seluini 'Akau'ola sm conferred with Royal Order Award
A later confirmation that Fr Seluini 'Akau'ola sm of Tonga was also conferred, together with Fr 'Ekuasi Manu sm, with the Royal Order of the Crown of Tonga Award. Fr Seluini has worked in Fiji for many years in the formation of young Marists for priests and brothers, and also lecturing at the Pacific Regional Seminary in Moral Theology. He returned to Tonga and worked in the Education and later for the Diocese in Communication. During these times he was the chairperson for the Tonga Democratic Movement. His later passion was coaching rugby. At the time of the investiture he was in Sydney for medical treatment. His award was a timely gift for his 90-year old mother, 'Ana 'Akau'ola. 




Fr Ekuasi Manu sm, conferred with Royal Order Award

In commemorating his Birthday on the 4th of July and the 10th year anniversary of his accession to the throne, the King of Tonga, King Tupou VI conferred the Royal Order of the Crown of Tonga on 20 citizens who have contributed to the King and Country in some special ways. Fr Ekuasi Manu sm was one of the recipients. The investiture was staged at the Royal Palace in Nuku'alofa. Fr 'Ekuasi Manus sm was appointed to Tonga in 2019 to be the Principal of 'Apifo'ou College, the oldest secondary school in Tonga which is managed by the Marist Fathers of the Oceania Province. Prior to his Tonga appointment Fr 'Ekuasi was working in Fiji in various ministries and after completing his studies in the University of the South Pacific he became the Principal of St John's College, Cawaci, Levuka in Fiji. He held this position for many years before completing further studies in the Australian Catholic University in Australia before taking up his new post in Tonga. Fr 'Ekuasi reckoned that it was a recognition of the contribution of the Catholic Educaton to the people of Tonga. 

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