September news 2022

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Newly ordained priest, Fr Iosefo Amuri SM

New priest Fr Iosefo Amuri SM

On the 9th of September his Grace, Archbishop Peter Loy Chong, the Bishop of the Archdiocese of Suva ordained 36 year old Iosefo Amuri SM of Fiji to the order of the priesthood in the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Suva. Fr Iosefo entered the Marist Formation in Suva where he completed his Philosophy at the Pacific Regional Seminary, Suva before he entered the Marists International Theologate in Rome where he completed his Theology, perpetually professed and ordained Deacon. He will offer his first mass at his own home parish, the Holy Cross Parish, Wairiki, Taveuni. He is called to join the Marist mission in Mexico. 

 Ordination 2022 09 11 8 Ordination Annointing 2022 09 11 23
 Ordination 2022 09 11 45  2022 09 11 26
Fr Iosefo Amuri with his parents Archbishop and Provincial
With his parents, Archbishop and Provincial



Celebrating the Feast Day of the Holy Name of Mary

12th of September

The Feast Day of the Society was celebrated in all the Sectors of the Province. It is an occasion where the Marist Family - the Marist Fathers, Marist Sisters, Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, the Marist Brothers of the School, and the Marist Laity, all come together to celebrate in joy and gratitude the Holy Name of Mary. 

Feast Day Fiji 2 Feast Day Fiji
Celebrating in Fiji
Feast Day Hohola 2 Feast Day Hohola
Celebrating in Hohola, PNG
Feast Day Kanosia
Celebrating in Kanosia, PNG
Feast Day Solomon 2
Celebrating in Tanagai, Solomon
Feast Day Vanuatu
Celebrating in the Solomon


 Visitations of Sectors


In the month of September the Provincial visited Tonga and had the opportunity visit the Marist laity groups and offered Mass with them. Councilor Justin Ratsi visited the Solomon Islands and celebrated the Feast Day of the Holy Name of Mary with the Parish of St Mary, Tanagai with the Marist family and the Marist laity.

Tonga Visit 2 Tonga Visit
Marist laity group in Tonga
Solomon Visit 1 Solomon visit 2
Solomon visit 3 Solomon visit 4
St Mary's Parish, Tanagai, Solomon Islands