Apr 2021

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Earthbag building Technology

Earthhouse start Earthhouse 1
Earthhouse dome Earthhouse complete2
Earthhouse complete Earthhouse internal
Earthhouse pool

The Marist Eco-Centre, Dawasamu has recently acquired a new addition—a prototype earthbag cyclone-proof house. The director of the centre, Fr Donato Kivi sm, ran a workshop for youths from the village on how to build earthbag house. According to Fr Donato, the earthbag building technology is new in this part of the world and “it is a monumental task to achieve this one.” The first in Fiji.

The students in formation in Marist College were the first to experience this technology after they created an earthbag dam for the Centre's freshwater system and a pool for recreation.

What is special about this technology, according to Fr Donato, is that it is found to be extremely durable, resisting fire, earthquake, cyclone, tornado, and even bullets! It is simple to build and can easily be learned by anyone without any building experience. It is inexpensive since the soil is around the building site. Its impact on the environment is very minimal. The recently built earthbag house can comfortably accommodate 15 people during  a cyclone.




RIP Br Colin Campbell sm 

Colin Campbell IMG 9574

Br Colin Campbell sm, fondly loved and remembered in Oceania, passed away peacefully, aged 99 in the Southern Cross Age Care, Marsfield in Sydney on the 18th of April 2021. He served in Oceania Province for 48 years. He was laid to rest on the 26th of April 2021 in the Vila Maria cemetery, Hunters Hill. Br Colin was professed in the Society in 1953 after working for the livelihood of his family and in active service during WWII in Papua New Guinea and Bougainville. He was a casualty of war. It was his desire to join the Society so that he can go back to the Islands where he was during the War to help in whatever way he can. In 1960 he was transferred to Oceania and was appointed to the Solomon Islands. He was then posted to Buma mission where he managed the sawmill, mission boats and training crews. In 1970 he was a procurator for the mission in Honiara. After a sabbatical year in 1973 he took up the management of the Tenaru farm and the diocesan properties. In 1976 he was a delegate to the Provincial Chapter in Suva. He was then appointed in 1977 as Socius to the Novice master in Tutu. He also became the manager of the Tutu farm and the hydro-electric project until 1988 where he was posted to Marist College community, Suva as its bursar. His 20 years in Tutu and in Marist college has contributed most postively to the formation of many Oceanian priests and brothers during that time. He imparted to them the effectiveness of living a simple lifestyle, the value of hard work, faithfulness to prayers, and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Br Colin was posted to Oceania house in Hunters Hill in 1998 and was later transferred to the Australia province where he retired in Montbel, Hunters Hill until his death. Eternal rest grant to him O Lord, and let your perpetual light shine upon him. Amen. 





 New Assistant General 

New Assistant General

The Superior General has appointed Fr Christian Abongbung sm of the District of Africa, as the new Assistant General on the General Council.

He will continue as Rector of our seminary in Cameroon and also participate in General Council meetings fromYaoundé unless his actual presence is required in Rome, or elsewhere, from time to time.

More details can be found on April SM Bulletin 




Grade 8 Retreat Piano Parish, Bougainville

1 All grade 8 students from schools wthin Makis area Holy Cross parish Piano Retreat master Fr Austin Magara sm

Preparing the parish spiritually for the celebration of the Holy Week was a major task for the Parish priest, Fr Austin Magara sm of the Holy Cross parish of Piano in Buin, Bougainville. The students of the various schools in the parish were very much part of this preparation. On this occasion all the grade 8 students within the Makis area of the parish came together for a retreat led by Fr Austin. 




  Easter Vigil at Holy Cross Parish, Wairiki, Taveuni Island

 Easter1  Easter3
Hundreds of the Holy Cross parishioners gathered at the parish center in Wairiki to celebrate Easter vigil. Holy Cross Parish is one of the biggest parish in the Archdiocese of Suva. The Pastoral care of the parish has been under the Society of Mary's mission since its foundation in 1863. The parish is currently under the care of the Marist Community in Wairiki.