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Webinar on Vocation

About 80 people from the Marist family world participated in a webinar on Vocation. This was held online on Friday/Saturday (28/29) of January. Participants were voluntary. There were 3 inputs on the theme of the MYV (Marist Year of Vocation): ENRICH, ENCOURAGE and ASSIST. Brigitte (Marist Laity) from France spoke on "Enrich", Tim Costello sm from New Zealand spoke on "Encourage", and Juan Carlos Pina sm from Mexico on "Assist." Break out groups were set for discussions and reporting back on responses to questions given. It was a profound experience of solidarity and sharing of one mind and heart. A beacon of hope for our endeavor to reach out to the young people of our time. "Lord Jesus give us vocations according to your heart, Amen.""




Volcanic Eruptions & Tsunami

 Around 5pm on Saturday 15th of January, supersonic booms like thunders were heard all over Fiji. It was confirmed that they were not rolling thunders but an underwater Volcano in Tonga, Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha'apai had erupted. Ashes were blown over 20 kms into the sky and rain of toxic ashes and volcanic pellets landed in every corner of the Tonga archipelago. Huge tsunami waves were initiated by the blasts with heights of up to 15metres wiped out some of the low lying islands close to the volcano, and destructions to properties and infrastructures were unprecedented. People are still in disbelief that such devastations had only caused four fatalities. The humanitarian relief aids from countries like New Zealand, Australia, China and Japan were prompt. Neighbour islands like Fiji and Tahiti have also responded generously and many aid agencies from around the world. The communication, both domestic and international were severed and it will take weeks to be fixed. The Marists in Tonga were safe from the destructive power of the tsunami but were not spared by the ashes. The huge task of cleaning up the ashes for the whole of Tonga will remain a daunting challenge into the future. 

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