Sept 2021

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St Louis Anniversary

The parishioners of St Louis came together with their priests to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the St Louis Church. 
StLouis St Louis4

StLouis14 StLouis10


Vanuatu - Holy Name of Mary, Jubilarians

Bishop John Bosco Baremes sm joined the Marist family and led the Mass celebrating the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary. Two Jubilarians were also celebrated at the same time. Fr James Mokela sm celebrated his 25 years in the priesthood and Sr Madeleine smsm celebrated her 60th profession. Entertainment and feast followed the eucharistic celebration. 
Jubilee Holy Name of Mary
Jubilee4 Jubilee2



Tonga - Holy Name of Mary and Annual Retreat

The Marist Family in Tonga gathered into one of the parishes to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary. The Marist Laity groups came from parishes of the diocese. It has been the practice for years in celebrating the Holy Name of Mary. After the celebration, the priests of the Tonga Sector went away for their annual retreat. The retreat was facilitated by the Sector Delegate, Fr Ekuasi Manu sm. The parish priest of Lamlu Parish,Tanna Island, Vanuatu, Fr Epoki 'Okusitino was present in Tonga on the occasions and is awaiting first available flight back to Vanuatu. 
Holy Name of Mary 5
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Solomon Islands

Fr Jacob Aba sm celebrating the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary with the Susu village community in the Solomon Islands. 
Susu village
Susu village HNM




The Hahela community travelled to join with the Buin community of South Bougainville to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary on 12 September. Fr Floyd Gatana sm, seen here in the center of the picture is waiting to travel to Australia to join the new international mission community in the Parramatta diocese in Sydney. 
Bougainville FHNM Buin1
Bougainville FHNM Buin0 Bougainville FHNM Buin3 Bougainville FHNM Buin6
Bougainville FHNM Buin5
The Bougainville Marists joined the Bishop with diocesan priests in celebrating the centenary of the Our Lady of Sorrows parish in Monoitu (Siwai). 





TOM Retreat, Noumea

TOM retraite Zone St Joseph Nouméa1

The Third Order of Mary, St Joseph Zone members had the closing mass of their annual retreat in Noumea. It was preached in Wallisian by Fr Sao. At least 150 people attended the 3-day gathering. It was the second TOM retreat, after Rivière-Salée/Tina, which brought together some 100 people. More TOM retreats will follow after the lockdown.