July 6th,

Latest Oceania Marist Province Bulletin in English and French


Oceania Marist Bulletin No 60 - June 28th 2014 (English)


Le Bulletin Marist d'Oceanie No 60 - 28 Juin 2014 (Français)


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Photos of the week:


Council of the Povince - Oceania 2014 in Wallis & Futuna starting last week.


Members of the province taking part in the council. L-R: (Back row) Frs M. Lutoviko SM, Tony K. SM, Francois G. SM, M. Patolo SM, V. Aisake SM, J. Crispin SM, K. Boniface SM, W. Pio F. SM and H. Sione SM. (Front row) Frs M. Setefano SM, Larry Duffy SM (Vicar General), M. Benard SM (Provincial), S.Susitino SM (Vicar Provincial) and E. Lasaqa SM.


Rollover: L-R: Fr Ben SM, Bishop Guillain SM and Fr Larry Duffy SM

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