October 21st ,

Latest Oceania Marist Province Bulletin in English and French



Oceania Marist Bulletin No 72 - October 15th 2014 (English)



Le Bulletin Marist d'Oceanie No 71 - 4 Octobre 2014 (Français)


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Photos of the week:


L-R: Frs Galvin David (Region of Solomon Islands), Bishop Ghislain de Rasilly SM (Diocese of Wallis & Futuna), Br Mika SM and Fr Susitino SM in Sydney.


Rollover: Re-election of the Vicar Provincial of Oceania Marist Province and the councilors. Vicar Procincial: Fr Susitino Sionepoe SM. Councilors: Fr Pio Fond Waqavotuvale SM and Fr Setefano Mataele SM. The Provincial, Fr Bernard McKenna SM was re-elected also as provincial for a second term. L-R: Frs Setefano, Ben, Tino and Pio. Congratulations.

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