Jan 2019

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 From 11 to 17 January, 12 young ordained Marists of 5 years and less came together in Suva for a workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Fr Soane Ahohako sm with the theme, "Just Ministry." It was a timely call, as most of them acknowledged, whereby they reconnected, not only among themselves but also within themselves. At the end of the workshop they produced a group statement of commitment and each one wrote a personal code of conduct.
 Young Marists Oceania Workshop Jan 19

Front from Left: Louis Maite (Vanuatu), Epokifo'ou Okusitino (Tonga), Dylan Hatobu (Bougainville), Ambrose Kakatai (Bougainville), Xavier Sariman (Papua New Guinea)

Second Row: George Baruka (Bougainville), Steeve Oudodopoe (New Caledonia), Peter Puamae (Solomon), Denis Levi (Solomon), Paul Molbwet (Vanuatu)

Back Row: Soane Ahohako (Facilitator), Lutoviko Olie (Tonga), Mikaele Tuilau (Fiji)