Port Vila's Golden Jubilee celebrations at Port Olry

Fr Paul Molbwet sm reports on the 50th anniversary celebrations in Port Olry of the diocese of Port Vila, Vanuatu.

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There are photos of our three confreres, Paul Molbwet, Louis Maite, and Godfrey Pa'asi. 

Fr Ben McKenna adds: 'Congratulations to the Diocese and all those who contributed in building it up - especially the Marist Missionaries.'

 0617 Port Vila 50th


Ordination of Lutoviko 'Olie

Lutoviko 'Olie, aged 28, was ordained to the priesthood on 29th June, at Pea, Tonga, by Cardinal Soane Patita Paini Mafi.

Pea was the first village to receive the Catholic faith, in 1842, from Fr Chevron sm, and Br Attale sm. So Lutoviko's Ordination tied in with the 175th Anniversary of the Catholic Church in Tonga. 

Lutoviko entered Marist College Suva in 2008,  he made his Novitiate in Tutu in 2010, and obtained his Diploma in Theology in 2011.  He attended Corpus Christi Teachers College in 2012 & 13, graduating with Diplomas in Relgious Education and Teaching. He was Ordained to the Deaconate by Cardinal Mafi, in Suva, on 08 May 2016, and in November last year he graduated from Pacific Regional Seminary, with a Batchelor in Theology - Magna Cum Laude - accredited by the Urbanianum University, Rome. 

This Year he is a member of our Apifo'ou Community, where he teaches at Apif'ou College.

Congratulations, Lutoviko !

 0717 Laying on of hands0717 Lutoviko Parents and s
 0717 With Cardinal and Prie


30th Diocesan Pilgrimage of Téné, New Caledonia

On June 11th, some 2500 people joined the 640 youth gathered on the racecourse of Téné, 170 km north of Nouméa for their 4-day yearly gathering, to celebrate the 30th edition of the Diocesan pilgrimage and the 100th year of the apparitions of our Lady at Fatima.

The thanksgiving Mass was presided by the Apostolic Delegate Abp Martin Krebs as the mainspring of his first visit to the Archdiocese. It has been a memorable event for all, shared by four Marist Fathers and Br. Visesio sm, along with Abp Calvet sm, one of the concelebrants and a joyful and fervent crowd longing for peace (Matt, 5:9).

 0617 Tete 1. P61008390617 Tete 2. P6100873

Above: Fr François Grossin, the SM Regional Superior, lining with some youth to welcome a statue of Our Lady of Fatima touring the Archdiocese since December 2016 until October 2017   |   A warm welcome to Our Lady of Fatima.

Below: (R) Mr Antonin Musulamu (ex-SM Brother) had many good reasons to rejoice!    |   Four Marists pictured after the Eucharist: Abp Calvet and Fr François in front row; Fr Raymond (North Community) in second row (L); Fr Kosema (South Community) in third row (L).

 0617 Tete 4. P61109870617 Tete 3. 20170611 105934


MAP meeting in Wellington

The leaders of Marist Asia Pacific - MAP - met for their annual meeting in Wellington at the provincial offices, 11-14 June.   Areas covered included: Reports from each Unit; Collaboration between MAP Units; Shared Personnel within MAP;  Formation in Financial Management; General Chapter Preparation; Education Review in OMP; Chirstmas Gifts from MMC; Professional Standards - Key learnings from the Aus Royal Commission. 

0617 MAP 2017 NZ

Above, from left: Frs Chris Ganzon [Asia], Tim Duckworth [NZ], Bob Barber [Australia], Tino Sionepoe [Oceania], Ben McKenna [Oceania], Peter McMurrich [Australia] & David Kennerley [NZ].

Below: Reently-renovated church of St Mary of the Angels, Wellington  |  Fr Tino, 'Lord of the Rings'

0617 MAP St M of Angles NZ 0617 MAP Tino Lord of Rings